Department of Physics

The Department of Physics of Govt. Degree College Purola was established in 1996. At present Department of Physics, of H.N.B. Garhwal University and Sri devSuman University offers three year Graduate courses. The semester system has been introduced in session 2015-16. The admissions are on the merit basis. The total intake at UG level it is 59 students. The students have been getting good placements in the Govt. and private sector after completing their Degrees from the department.

The faculty members have been frequently attending various National and International Seminars/Symposium to present their research. The Faculty of the department have published 38 research papers in reputed International Journals.

Dr. Ganesh Prasad
(Assistant Professor)
Department of Physics
Department of Physics

Department of Botany

Botany as a combination subject along with Zoology and chemistry at graduate level in the college was started in 1996 at the time when college came into existence.

The college is surrounded by the lush green vegetation and vast biodiversity which provides the opportunity to the students for study about plants in their natural habitat also. Area in and around the college is also comprised of rich flora and valuable medicinal plants in the Himalayan region. Classroom teaching is supported by the field visit of the students which is part of their curriculum.

Separate Botany department laboratory is well equipped with ample working space and library facility with good number of standard text books.
From the beginning the department was affiliated to H.N.B. Garhwal University Srinagar with sanctioned seats of 60. From 2018-19 the affiliation from Sridev Suman University Tehri granted with sanctioned seats of 80. Presently both universities affiliated courses are running simultaneously and in the coming years the H.N.B. Grahwal University affiliation will be phased out and only the Sridev Suman University Tehri will be affiliating body.

Dr. Naveen Kumar Sharma
Associate Professor
Department of Botney

Dr. Vishamber Joshi
Assistant Professor Botany
Department of Botney

Department of Zoology

The department of Zoology came into exisistance by way of teaching UG level in 1996. At present department of Zoology, of H.N.B. Garhwal University and Sri Dev Suman University offers three year graduate courses. The department has developed a strong learning base in many areas viz., Environmental Biology, Animal Diversity, Genetics, Cell & Molecular Biology, Animal Physiology, Evolution etc. To support the teaching and research, library facility with access to multiple copies of latest editions of standard text and reference books have been established in the college. This branch meets with the modern days requirement in various fields like Environmental research, Genetic research, Forensic Science, Microbiology, Pisciculture, Aquaculture, Apiculture, Poultry farm and related sectors.

The faculty member have been frequently attending various National and International seminar.

Mrs. Swati Rajwar
M.Sc., U-SET
Department of Zoology